Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are probably lots of questions you may have about the Hiring Wizard advertising service, so please find a list of the most common ones below.

Hiring Wizard offer flexible recruitment advertising solutions, which allow businesses to advertise to the widest possible audience size, for a low fixed fee, without needing to use expensive recruitment agencies.

Our clients benefit from employer branded advertising, which leads to more quality applications, more engaged candidates and higher fill rates.

We give all clients free access to our proprietary, easy to use Merlin Applicant Tracking System.

Our range of plug-in additional services, which include CV Filtering, CV Searching, Telephone Screening, Interviewing and Psychometric Profiling, can be utilised as and when our clients need additional support.

Advertising through Hiring Wizard is better than going directly to Job Boards for the following reasons:

  • We buy huge volumes of adverts from all of the major job boards and repackage them into solutions which allow our clients to advertise on multiple job boards at a much lower cost than advertising directly on one or two.
  • We have invested our time into building relationships and negotiating with the job boards so that you don’t have to.
  • We take all of the administrative burden of posting adverts away from you.  Simply send us your advert and we will get it posted promptly.
  • We know how to ensure that adverts are displayed prominently to candidates and targeted to attract the right type and calibre of application.  We will fully optimise your advert as part of our service.
  • You will get free access to our Merlin Applicant Tracking System so that you can manage the applications you receive through all job boards and communicate with candidates within one easy to use system.
  • We monitor the application levels on all job boards and provide you with invaluable statistics to demonstrate which channels are working best for each individual role you advertise.  This would be a hugely time consuming exercise for a client to undertake directly.

We have worked hard at delivering exceptional quality and service levels to all of our clients and are proud of our excellent reputation. We believe we are better than our competitors for the following reasons:

  • Unlike many of our competitors, we only place employer branded adverts with your company and logo prominently displayed. Research has shown that employer branded adverts get a much high level of quality response than confidential “recruitment agency style” adverts.
  • We will always send you links to your adverts so that you can be 100% confident that you have got the advertising you’ve paid for.
  • We pride ourselves on always offering the highest possible levels of customer service. You will have one dedicated Client Success Manager who will support you from initial placement of the advert through to hire.
  • As part of the Exemplia Group, we can offer you access to solutions for any recruitment or human capital challenge you might be facing. Hiring Wizard clients are regularly offered discounts when buying from other companies in the Group.
  • If you choose to use an alternative Group service to recruit for a vacancy already advertised with Hiring Wizard then we will deduct the cost of the advert from the price of the new service.

We understand that ‘off the shelf’ packages and ‘one size fits all’ services simply do not work. Starting at just £449, our costs are fixed, pre-agreed with you and we can offer significant discounts based on the following four things:

1. Your budget & monthly / quarterly / annual job advertising requirements as a business

We understand that each business is different and we are driven by your requirements, whatever they may be. If you have a budget in mind, we can 100% create a solution to suit that.

2. The level of job board exposure that your vacancy requires

Typically, our most popular package (£495 per job) is sufficient to fill most vacancies. That said, we’ll advise and recommend specialist job boards as required.

3. The level of support you require from us

We have a number of useful (but entirely optional!) bolt-on services such as targeted CV searching, candidate screening, telephone interviews, interview arranging, psychometric testing and much more. We’d need to ascertain which, if any, of these services you’d like to utilise.

4. The level of commitment you’re able to make

Most of our clients opt to make greater savings by pre-purchasing a block of ‘job credits’ at a significantly reduced rate, to use against future vacancies but this is entirely optional.

Our most popular package costs £595 and includes Premium posts on TotalJobs and Jobsite, Premium posts on Reed, CV Library and Monster and Sponsored posts on Indeed plus a variety of local and specialist aggregator job boards relevant to the role you’re advertising.

For example, if you were posting an engineering role, this would feature on but would not feature on (unless of course you were advertising a Marketing role!).

In addition to these, we also offer a range of specialist job boards for any particularly niche vacancies – for example we have a close partnership with CW Jobs, which is the best IT job board in the UK and post regularly on to CharityJob for our partners in the third sector. If there is a particular job board you’d like to include, please let us know as it’s highly likely we’ll have an ongoing relationship with them.

Yes, your dedicated Client Success Manager will take care of any amendments you require and will ensure your advert is updated as swiftly as possible. As one of the UK’s largest job advertisers, we have back-office access to many of the job boards which allows us to instantly amend live adverts.

Yes, absolutely. There are no hidden costs whatsoever. There are no additional costs for multiple hires for the same role. You can recruit as many people as you like and only pay for the agreed cost of the advertising.

There are no costs for Merlin, our proprietary Application Tracking System. We offer it for FREE to customers who utilise our advertising services and / or any of our Exemplia group recruitment solutions.

If you have an active contract with a job board, then we’d advise that you continue to use your posts on there. I’m sure you’d agree, it makes no sense to double up your advertisements on there anyway!

However, with fierce competition for the very best candidates, it’s vital to ensure your vacancy receives prominent coverage across all of the main channels. Using just one or two job boards means you are categorically missing out on a large % of the jobseeker market. With this in mind, we can certainly assist you with achieving coverage across other job boards that you don’t have existing, ongoing relationships with.

Traditional recruitment agencies will advertise your role and search online CV databases to try to find CV’s to send across to you.  They spread their time and resources across a high volume of vacancies for multiple clients and have to charge a high placement fee because they only get paid if a candidate is appointed. These are the main reasons why recruitment agencies have such a terrible reputation for delivering poor customer experiences.

Hiring Wizard is different because:

  • Our great value fixed fee is a fraction of the cost of a recruitment agency.
  • Our solutions include advertising across all of the six top performing UK job boards, not just one or two.
  • We always place fully employer branded adverts with your company and logo prominently displayed. Recruitment agencies advertise with their own name and logo and keep your identity confidential.  This leads to lower candidate engagement and response levels.
  • Recruitment agencies will charge you a percentage of the salary of each candidate you hire through them. You can hire as many candidates as you like from a Hiring Wizard campaign and still only pay the low cost fixed fee.

Simply send your vacancy details to your dedicated Client Success Manager and we will take care of the rest as follows:

  • PREPARE – Using your job description, our experienced team will create a keyword optimised advert designed to target your ideal candidates.
  • POST – 30 day Featured and Premium Job Adverts on all of the very best national, local and specialist boards including; TotalJobs, Jobsite, Reed, CV Library, Indeed (Sponsored) and Monster + many more including Google Jobs!
  • BRAND – Unlike other recruiters, each advert we post is professionally branded with your company logo which is proven to increase the quality of applications, helping you to stand out and become an ‘employer of choice’. You will receive all of the links to your advert once it is live.
  • BOOST – We can run CV Searches and create a Targeted Mailshot Campaign using the UK’s largest CV databases, to identify and engage with passive talent that match your criteria.
  • MANAGE – You can use our free to access award winning proprietary Merlin Applicant Tracking System and as the applications come in, our team will help you every step of the way. From candidate communications to reporting – we’ll save you bags of time!
  • HIRE – You can even recruit multiple candidates from each campaign at no extra cost and develop a talent pool for future vacancies.
  • REVIEW – We will provide you with a performance review of your adverts including number of views and applications by job board.

By using us you will benefit from:


  • Our solution ensures that all candidates across all of the major boards can find your advert.  Studies show that the vast majority of candidates will only register on one, or maybe two, job boards.  We give you maximum coverage so that you never miss out on high quality candidates.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, we exclusively offer prominent adverts which are fully branded with your company logo.  Research shows that branded adverts get on average 43% more applications than unbranded.  Recruitment Agencies will advertise your role with their branding so they will also miss out on responses from a high proportion of candidates.
  • Our Client Success Team will act as your bolt-on resourcing team.  With our CV Searching add-on service, we can search all online CV databases to proactively identify candidates who match your requirements and approach them on your behalf.  Click here for more information on our CV Searching service.


  • We have negotiated the best possible rates with all of the major job boards so that we can offer considerable savings compared to posting with them directly.
  • Our low cost, fixed fee solution also offers huge savings compared to using traditional Recruitment Agencies.  On average our clients are saving thousands of pounds on each role they fill with us rather than a Recruitment Agency.
  • Our clients can even make multiple placements
  • Many clients use our Client Success Team as a great value, flexible extension to their resourcing team.  We offer a range of optional add-on services which you can use as and when you need them. Simply use us for support when you are busy.


  • Hiring Wizard will reduce your time to hire because we advertise simultaneously across all the major job boards to attract a higher volume of better quality candidates.
  • You’ll be given free of charge access to our proprietary Merlin Applicant Tracking software so that you can manage all applications and communicate with candidates from one easy-to-use system.
  • By filling roles first time through Hiring Wizard, our clients are saved from lengthy recruitment processes using traditional Recruitment Agencies.


  • Unlike most of our competitors and traditional Recruitment Agencies, we have a team dedicated to assisting you with successfully filling your vacancy.  You will be given one dedicated Client Success Manager who will support you throughout the campaign, ensuring seamless communication and the highest levels of customer service.
  • Simply send your advert to your Client Success Manager and they will promptly create an optimised advert, fully branded with your company logo, and specifically designed to attract your target candidates.  Your Client Success Manager will handle all of the administration associated with posting the advert, making any required amends, and monitoring application levels.  So you can sit back, relax and be reviewing applications within a matter of hours.
  • Our Merlin Applicant Tracking System is fully GDPR compliant and has been designed specifically with our clients in mind.  It is simple to use but has fantastic functionality which allows you to quickly and easily filter, screen and communicate with candidates so that you can make your recruitment process as efficient as possible.
  • Our Client Success Team can filter your applications for you and even do the initial telephone screening on your behalf.  These are just a couple of the bolt-on services we can offer to make your job easier and reduce your time to hire. Click here for more information about our additional services.
  • We will send you pertinent statistics about your advert to give you important insights into the overall performance of your advert on the various job boards.


  • Unlike other recruitment companies, we utilise exclusively employer-branded advertising, with your logo. We understand that the very best candidates want to know about your business, your culture and your opportunity. Although these adverts cost a little bit more, they have proven time after time to attract better quality applications in comparison to the standard, confidential recruiter-type adverts.  Our clients who have previously used unbranded adverts or Recruitment Agencies, have been amazed by the spike they’ve seen in applications through switching to Hiring Wizard’s employer branded adverts and actively marketing their Employer Value Proposition.  Click here to view a selection of case studies.
  • We also have great experience of building Careers Microsites for our clients to promote their Employer Brand.  Your adverts can then direct candidates to the microsite to find out more about your business, culture and why it is a great place.  Our microsites have been shown to significantly increase applications by effectively promoting the culture and working environment of our clients.
  • For clients who are interested in developing or enhancing their Employer Value Proposition, we offer full consultancy services to assist with this.

We’re able to maintain the lowest prices for our customers by operating at very tight margins, and for this reason we do not offer free trials or discounts on single credit purchases.

We understand the recruitment market and work very hard to achieve great results for our clients, believing deeply in the value of our product. This service works best when there is a level of investment from the customer and so we regret that free trials are not possible.

However, we do provide a wide range of promotional offers which vary from time to time so give us a call on 0161 696 8899 to find out about our latest ones.

In addition, we do offer significant discounts for multi-credit purchases. As such, many of our clients choose to make greater savings by pre-purchasing a block of ‘credits’ to use against their future vacancies. When you choose to do this, we simply allocate these credits to your account which you then have 2 years to use at your convenience to advertise your vacancies but at a significantly reduced rate.

Nevertheless, there is absolutely no pressure to make a significant commitment to Hiring Wizard, and you can simply use us on an ad-hoc basis if this is more suitable for your business.

We can advertise on any national, regional or specialist job board in the world.  We will recommend a tailored package based on the specific requirements for your individual vacancy.

The standard length of an advert is 30 days.  However, we will consult with you to understand your requirements and we can easily reduce or extend this (at an additional cost) to suit your closing date or other deadlines.

Your Client Success Manager will be able to advise you every step of the way including adapting the advert and strategy if you are receiving too many applications, or conversely not enough. We also provide additional plug-in services and bespoke recruitment solutions if required.

We regularly monitor the performance of each advert we place, including how many views each advert receives and how many of those views result in a click on the ‘apply’ button (broken down by each job board).

We provide you with a username and password for your own account, which allows you to login online at any time, communicate with candidates and manage applications through your recruitment process.

The system is 100% GDPR compliant and although you will receive a comprehensive User Guide that explains all the elements to the system, we also provide free demos to walk you through all of the key steps which take no longer than 15-20 minutes.