Transformation within the Food Manufacturing Industry: Emerging Trends from 2023

Driven by technology and evolving consumer demands, the food manufacturing industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, with two trends in particular making a big impact.

1. Adoption of New Practices

2023 saw the continuing decline of traditional methods. The industry has embraced unconventional practices such as bioengineered microbial-based foods and cultivated meat, resulting in challenging the norms and creating new opportunities.  

Bioengineered foods leverage cutting-edge techniques to create sustainable food products. By harnessing the power of microorganisms, researchers and manufacturers are developing innovative alternatives to traditional ingredients. When done correctly, this method reduces the risk of disease, increases nutrition and reduces chemical inputs – helping to make a positive environmental impact.

Bioengineered foods have the potential to address sustainability concerns and reduce reliance on scarce resources, making them a promising area of exploration in the coming years.

Another game-changer is the rise of cultivated meat. With the increasing demand for sustainable protein and ethical concerns about cruel livestock production conditions, cultivated meat offers a solution.

Growing meat in labs using animal cells eliminates the need for traditional agriculture while ensuring environmentally friendly production. One of the biggest contributors to global warming is methane produced by cows with 2021 seeing beef production in the UK amounting to approximately 886,000 tonnes.

Over recent years, environmentalist groups have been increasing their voice in demanding a reduction in human meat consumption and cultivated meat helps to provide a viable alternative.

2. Technological Advancements

The second major trend is technological advancement and implementation as critical enablers across the sector.

A key example of this is processed automation whereby food manufacturers leverage robotics and artificial intelligence to streamline operations. Automated lines enable precise control, resulting in consistent quality.

In addition, technology is also enabling the growing of crops closer to home to become more feasible and is gaining increased traction.

Furthermore, vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture are emerging technologies that allow crops to be cultivated in urban areas and under controlled conditions. These methods offer multiple benefits, including a reduced carbon footprint, year-round production, and minimised transportation costs.

Ensuring the right talent

In an industry experiencing rapid transformation driven by technology and evolving consumer demands, it becomes increasingly important to prioritise the acquisition and retention of the best talent. Strong leadership is critical to any organisation navigating significant change.

Embracing new methodologies, technological advancements, and regulation changes, as well as dealing with increased consumer and environmental pressures, requires high-performing talent in order to ensure an organisation stays competitive, meets sustainability goals, and projects a positive brand image.

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