5 Ways Hiring Wizard can help Logistics Organisations acquire the Best Talent

Discovering the ideal talent in the logistics industry can prove to be a formidable task. The pursuit of finding the perfect candidates often comes at a significant cost. With logistics firms often requiring multiple new hires simultaneously, the expenses associated with recruitment can escalate rapidly.

At Hiring Wizard, our dedicated team understands these concerns and can provide the support you need. We employ five key strategies to help minimise your recruitment expenses.

1. Target Service is Ideal for Logistics Businesses

We specialise in providing targeted recruitment for businesses that need to hire multiple workers simultaneously. We understand that the cost of recruitment can escalate rapidly in such scenarios but our fixed-fee offering ensures you can hire multiple people for the same role without any expensive commission based fees.

Our core service includes a detailed analysis of your advert and amending it so that it appears at the top of job board search results for the key terms. This puts your advert in front of the most relevant candidates, ensuring a higher number of quality hires.
Our buying power also enables us to place your adverts as featured and sponsored listings for minimal cost, further increasing the visibility of your advert.

2. We Can Help You Attract More Candidates

We strategically post job ads to ALL the popular job boards including Indeed, LinkedIn, CV Library, Reed, Monster, and Totaljobs, where our clients’ vacancies receive maximum visibility and ensuring your logistics business accesses a larger pool of candidates.

Our purchasing power ensures you can advertise across all these job boards for a fraction of the cost of advertising with them directly and we also take away the hassle of you having to deal with multiple job boards and contracts.
In addition, through our expert employer branding techniques, we highlight the key reasons why a candidate should work for your opportunity, promoting your brand and making you more attractive to the best talent, significantly increasing the chances of you finding the perfect fit.

3. We Can Help You Find More Relevant Candidates

We understand that the logistics industry has unique requirements, and finding candidates with relevant skills and experience is crucial. We tailor our service to match these specific needs. We have access to specialist job boards catering to the logistics sector and can tap into that network to ensure your job ads reach the most suitable candidates.

Additionally, our CV filtering service ensures you only see the most relevant candidates, saving you time and effort. We provide you with a free state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System that provides clear visibility of every candidate at every stage of the process as well as easy to use communication capabilities.

4. Reduce Your Need to Re-Recruit

We know the significance of finding the right candidate for a Our commitment lies in providing high-quality candidates to reduce the need for re-recruiting. By presenting you with top-tier candidates who meet the desired criteria, we help streamline your recruitment process and save you from unnecessary costs associated with additional recruitment efforts.

5. Cost-effective

We are dedicated to offering cost-effective recruitment solutions that help businesses reduce their reliance on expensive recruitment agencies.
With our Managed Campaign service, we provide similar services to traditional recruitment agencies but at a fraction of the cost. Our all-inclusive fixed-cost fee covers proactive candidate outreach, telephone screening, and interview arrangement services. So you can achieve your recruitment goals without breaking the bank.

About Us

We are a fixed-fee candidate attraction service that offers a comprehensive logistics recruitment solution.

We’ve helped logistics businesses save money by targeting job ads to reach relevant candidates, reducing wastage, and offering cost-effective alternatives to expensive recruitment agencies. In fact, we’ve recently helped The Bristol Port Company recruit a significant number of roles including drivers and plant operatives, achieving a cost per hire of just £58! You can view our case study here.

Our aim is to provide exceptional value while connecting logistics businesses with the right candidates efficiently and affordably.

So if you’d like Hiring Wizard to save you significant time and costs on your recruitment, give us a call on 0161 696 8899 or email us on [email protected]