Circus Starr

The Business:

Circus Starr is a unique touring circus featuring world-class performance artists both local and international. Founded in 1987, Circus Starr is proud to partner with a network of charities and businesses to provide free seats for disabled, disadvantaged, and vulnerable children and raise valuable funds for local charities.

Circus Starr operates as a not-for-profit organisation, supporting local businesses and children’s charities. Prior to using Hiring Wizard, the business was advertising their vacancies through an unbranded service, meaning they were spending more than necessary, and not receiving the applicant quality to show for it. We were confident that our service could massively benefit Circus Starr.

Our Solution:

Our Hiring Wizard team set out to increase the quality of Circus Starr’s applicant response and reduce their overall costs through the power of branded advertisements.

Our team analysed Circus Starr’s current job advertisement copy, rewrote the ads, and optimised them as fully branded advertisements. This helped increase the quality of applicants received by targeting the right audience with the right pitch.

The optimised branded advertisement was then posted to a range of premium job boards, all of which were carefully selected by our team. These job boards were identified as being ideal for Circus Starr’s vacancies and the audience they wanted to target.

Our client services team provided constant support throughout the whole process, ensuring that Circus Starr was in the know at all times.

What They Said

“I would highly recommend Hiring Wizard, especially to other not for profit organisations where every penny counts!. Job adverts with our own branding receive much more interest and their support team have been invaluable. A great service overall.”